Nanny Services

Our candidates are childcare professionals who take being a nanny seriously. A nanny can offer the benefit of balancing the many commitments of home, family, and work responsibilities. Our service is to find the right person to custom fill your family needs; whether you are searching for full-time or part-time, we can find someone right for your children and lifestyle.

Extra help at home offers continuity of your children’s life that is suited to their schedule and needs, instead of around a parent's workday. They can enjoy carefree days with favorite friends and enjoy an energetic nanny to take them on exciting outings, to the park, or their own individual activities. The freedom to let your children play, learn, explore at their rhythm and interests is a luxury that makes a nanny for childcare the better choice.

All our nannies meet exceptionally high standards for their experience, background, personality, character and reliability. Every Solutions Home Staffing candidate must first meet our rigorous selection and screening criteria. Numerous candidates are examined and screened to find only the best qualified for clients who have high expectations for their childcare.

Candidates are interviewed in person and will go through an in-depth application process checking their references, and performing a criminal history background check. Knowing that a nanny is likely to have use of a car for driving children to activities, we expect nannies to have a safe driving history. Other background checks or drug tests may also be arranged if this is important to the client.

Long-Term, Full Time

Our long-term nannies make a commitment to their families for a minimum of one year. By securing a long-term nanny, you will have the consistency of the same professional for continuous care. We look for women who have a minimum of three years, full-charge childcare experience and have expertise in the development of children. Many of the nanny candidates are college educated, have other helpful domestic and family assistant skills that can really benefit your children and household.


Many parents are telecommuting or working reduced hours outside the home, a part-time schedule for a nanny gives you the reliable one-on-one care for your child in the preferred home setting. For older children, a nanny can be helpful for the afternoon routine. She may offer help with homework, drive to sports or activities, begin dinner preparation, allowing children the freedom at home to enjoy their afternoon until their parents are home from work. Part-time nannies work a schedule from 30 hours per week (minimum schedule) with regular days and time commitment for consistency and reliability of the nanny to your family's needs. They typically earn between $16 - $22 per hour.

Nanny Job

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