Household Staff


House Manager

This person covers all the areas that pertain to keeping a home well maintained and running smoothly.  This person could work in a household that is either large or small.  Often this person has Jack-of-all trade type skills and is a very organized person who is skilled and knowledgeable in many domestic areas.

Responsibilities might include:

  • Coordinating and scheduling service contractors
  • Managing a household budget, bookkeeping and paying bills
  • Training and organizing the schedules of other staff or service vendors
  • Shopping, errands and personal tasks for the employers
  • Meal planning, grocery shopping and meal preparation
  • Organizing projects within the home
  • Planning and executing events for the employer – from dinner parties to formal gatherings
  • Selecting/gathering competitive quotes, supervising and scheduling service contractors
  • Researching and making travel arrangements, including packing for trips
  • Scheduling maintenance of pools, lawn care and automobiles
  • Daily graces in the home and overseeing housekeeping or cleaning staff


Large Household or Estate

We have staff that provides expert help to manage the many details of a large primary residence and other owner’s properties. An Estate Manager could also be responsible for the upkeep of guesthouses, vacation homes or other secondary properties that the owner wants help in managing service needs.

Property Caretaker- Estate Manager

This skilled staff is expert in the maintenance of all areas of a fine home, including the management of vendors, budgets, service providers and overseeing projects.  This may be one person who attends to the property maintenance or a couple who divides up the property management, household and domestic duties.

An Estate Manager also performs many of the same functions of a House Manager or Caretaker but this professional will likely have formal training and manages other staff in a supervisory role, with others doing the majority of the hands-on tasks. The caretaker will be knowledgeable of a combination of service needs for the home’s HVAC, mechanicals, security, technology, gardens and grounds and pool.  This person will manage the primary residence along with other homes or properties that belongs to the owner.

Domestic Couple

A domestic couple may combine their skills to make a working team providing domestic and personal services to care for a home and family.  Combinations of services is possible based upon an employer’s individual needs and needs of their property. Usually the couples work the same hours and are able to share in the same schedule and days off.

Here are some of the possible combinations of couples:

  • Estate Manager / Nanny
  • House Manager / Handyman
  • Housekeeper / Groundskeeper & Handyman
  • Chef / Household Manager
  • Family Assistant / Caretaker, Handyman